Tired of the same old clinking of the glasses to make the bride and groom kiss? Why not try a new, fun, never know what you are going to get game, THE WEDDING WHEEL! Spin and see where it lands. Maybe the bride and groom will have to kiss or maybe you'll have to accept the consequences if it lands on another spot.

Wedding Wheel #1

1. You kiss the Bride and Groom
2. Bridal walk back to your seat
3. You and your table sing a verse from a love song
4. Bride and Groom kiss
5. Wear the veil until next spin lands here
6. Take a shot and toast the Bride and Groom
7. You and your table do an animal sound
8. Bride and Groom kiss
  Wedding Wheel #2

1. You kiss...
2. Do an impression of the Bride
3. Do the Hula-Hoop
4. Make a donation
5. Do a stupid trick
6. Blank - Blue - write in your selection
7. Bride and Groom kiss
8. Do an impression of the Groom
Wedding Wheel #3

1. Bride and Groom kiss
2. Bar slave for your table
3. Bride and Groom trivia
4. Freeze until the next spin
5. Strike a pose
6. Bride and Groom's choice
7. Blank - Pink - write in your selection
8. Show your special talent
  Wedding Wheel #4

1. Moonwalk back to your seat
2. Toast parents of the Bride
3. Toast the Groom
4. Anniversary couple kiss
5. Sing a verse from a love song
6. Toast the Bride
7. Toast parents of the Groom
8. Bride and Groom kiss
The French Wheel

1. Les Mariés s'embrassent
2. Faites Moonwalk jusqu'a votre place
3. Les Mariés s'embrassent
4. Figez jusqu'au prochain tour
5. Les Mariés s'embrassent
6. Chantez un couplet d'une chanson d'amour
7. Les Mariés s'embrassent
8. Portez un toast auz nouveau Mariés
  Dance Wheel

1. Do the Robot
2. Do the Macarena
3. Do the Bird Dance
4. Do the Twist
5. Do the Tartantella
6. Do the Y.M.C.A.
7. Do the Bunny Hop
8. Pick a partner do the Dirty Dance
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