Our BAR WHEELS are designed especially for drinking establishments. It's a unique and entertaining way for bartenders to interact with their customers. Take the risk and spin our Bar Wheels! It's also perfect for stag and does. Wall mount available.

  Drink Wheel

1. Long Island Ice Tea
2. Screwdriver
3. Martini
4. Irish Cream
5. Ceaser
6. Fuzzy Navel
7. Singapore Sling
8. Brown Cow
Shooter Wheel

1. Creamsicle
2. B52
3. Killer Koolaid
4. Broken down golf cart
5. Tequila
6. Jack Daniels
7. Bubble Gum
8. Flaming Sambuca
  Beer Wheel

1. Labatts
2. Molson
3. Miller
4. Budweiser
5. Coors Light
6. Heineken
7. Local Favourite
8. Corona

Adult Bar Wheels
You must be over 18 to access our Adult Bar Wheels. Click here to view our Dirty Wheel and our Mixed Drinks Wheel.

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